More Blog Improvements

As some people may know I like to play around with various new features and techy stuff on this blog. In fact I’m sure many people think some of the things I do on here are overkill. But I’m a tinkerer by nature so I keep doing it. So in addition to the new three column format I implemented on Sunday I’ve introduced some more new features. Unfortunately most of them are behind the scenes things that the reader shoun’t notice. If the reader does notice these things then that means there’s something wrong.

However, there are a few things readers can see. On the bottom of the right sidebar there is a feature that tells you how many people are viewing the blog at the same time that you loaded it. I’ve always had this feature but I always used an outside vendor for it ( offers this service for free. But recently I found a plugin for WordPress, the software behind this blog, that not only tells you how many users are online but offers lot more information if you click on it. Go ahead and try it. It’s really cool.

There is now also a link at the bottom of every post that says “Print This Post”. Clicking this will give you a printer friendly format of the selected post. A link is provided to print from within the printer friendly format.


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