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Archive for February, 2006

Anna Benson on Howard Stern

For those still infatuated with Anna Benson she appeared on the Howard Stern show on this morning. Vinny has a recap of Anna’s appearance.

Women in the Hall of Fame

Yesterday saw the first woman be elected to the baseball hall of fame. While I appreciate the contributions of

Francis Gets Some Clothes

Not much going on in Mets now so I figured I’d write another Knicks post. The New York Post featured some scathing reports on the Knicks today following new star guard Steve Francis‘s embarrasing situation yesterday.

Hoch on Bannister

Bryan Hoch wrote a nice piece on up and coming Mets pitcher Brian Bannister, son of former major leaguer Floyd Bannister, on Saturday.

Frank Thomas is an Idiot

According to the AP Frank Thomas is an idiot. Or at least Kenny Williams said he is.

Isiah Thomas’ Knicks Days Numbered?

When Isiah Thomas was hired by the Knicks to be their President and General Manager he had a plan. The plan was to get under the cap as soon as possible. That meant trading veterans for draft picks, letting big contracts expire, etc. When he violated this plan

Bonds’ Naps Are Newsworthy?

The Toronto Star has a report about San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds

Why Did Theo Come Back?

Diamonds are for Humor has a cute top 10 listing the reason why Theo Epstein came back as GM of the Red Sox after a brief time out.

Pedro and Vernon Wells To Sit Out First Round of WBC

Today’s Newsday is reporting that Mets ace Pedro Martinez will not pitch in the first round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He hopes to play in later rounds if he feels up to it. This comes on the heels of Toronto Blue Jays outfielder

FedEx and the Mets

Apparently the FedEx guy who delivers to my office is a Mets fan too. Click the image to see a larger version of it. You’ve got to love camera phones. The image is on the web less than 5 minutes after I discovered the decorated handtruck.