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Some of my readers have recently left comments that I was not able to approve for several reasons. The two most common issues were (1) language and (2) the comment was not related to the post it was left for.

On occassion I have edited comments to cover for profanities and the like that were written by the commenter but there is a limit to what I will edit. For example, there was a comment left regarding my post titled Anna Benson Speaks in which I criticize Anna for her thought that she was a memeber of the team. I know most Mets fans (myself included) were not really fans of hers but there was one particular comment that I just couldn’t let through. This comment not only made references to a part of her anatomy but also suggested (though I assume not entirely seriously) that Mets players commit a particular act of violence toward her. That kind of comment is something that I will not approve for this blog.

Another person left 5 comments yesterday. They were all comments that I would normally approve (as I approve almost every not spam comment) but I was only able to allow 1 of them. The one I allowed gave an opinion on something discussed in my original post. The other 4 were comments about things I have said in posts however each one was left for the same post that did not talk about anything the commenter was commenting on. So out of 5 comments I was only able to let 1 through.

I like getting comments on this blog. It shows that there are people reading it and liking it enough to communicate something back to me and others who may be reading the blog. But please leave your comments in the appropriate place and with appropriate language.



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