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Mets to Sign Grudzielanek? That Depends on Matsui

Rumor has it that the Mets will sign Mark Grudzielanek on Thursday. Why wait until then? The deadline for existing teams to offer salary arbitration will have passed and the Mets will not be required to give St. Louis a draft pick to compensate for the signing. What does this mean for Kazuo Matsui? I […]

Pirates Blogger Pans Anna & Kris

Where have you gone Andy Van Slyke?, a Pirates blog, sounds off on Anna Benson’s recent comments. He has some less than politically correct thoughts on Kris Benson as well.

Anna Benson Speaks

Anna Benson’s been speaking to the press. The wife of Mets pitcher Kris Benson‘s comments have been in many venues today but here’s one: ESPN.

Lo Duca Replaces Piazza… Again

Omar Minaya made a deal over the weekend that appears to be very unpopular with other Mets bloggers. Excuse me for thinking differently than the crowd. In order the fill the catching vacancy left by Mike Piazza‘s departure the Mets turned to the source that gave them Piazza in the first place and traded for […]

Benson Baltimore Bound?

An intersting story broke in this morning’s New York Post reporting that the Mets are talking to the Baltimore Orioles about trading Kris Benson for Jorge Julio. The Mets have a large number of starting pitchers in the fold and certainly trading one for someone who can set up Billy Wagner is a good idea. […]