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Will Wagner Suck?

As I was reading some of the local press this morning regarding the signing of Billy Wagner the cynic in me started come out as I found myself asking, “how badly will Wagner play this year?” I’m normally on optimistic guy when it comes to these things but the Mets have been hurt by big […]

It’s Official!!

As I wrote earlier today the Mets held a press conference at 3 pm to announce the signing of Billy Wagner. $43 million over four-years. Welcome to hell, Billy.

Wagner’s a Met!

The Mets closed out Thanksgiving weekend by giving their fans something to be thankful for. For the second year in a row the Mets have landed the most sought after free agent on the market. Last year it was Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran. This year it’s Billy Wagner. The team will hold a press […]

A Year Later, The Mets Bag Delgado

It’s been a while since I wrote but yesterday’s trade was so big it merits some discussion. When the Mets traded Mike Cameron to the Padres last week for Xavier Nady it was accepted mainly for the cost cutting aspects of it. Nady is not nearly as accomplished as Cameron and the Mets used the […]