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Gooden Pleads Not Guilty

Dwight Gooden pleaded not guilty to fleeing a cop and reckless driving. The original charge of drunken driving had been changed to reckless driving. More information can be found here and here.

Five Reasons to Keep Watching the Mets

Mark Hale of the New York Post lists his five reasons to keep watching the Mets this season.

Spam Karma 2

After 2 consecutive weekends of heavy comment spam (which caused me to install Spam Karma 2) I finally had a comment spam free weekend. None of the comment spam actually made it to the blog, by the way. I have all comments set to be moderated. But Spam Karma 2 has caught every comment spam […]

Mets Win on the Road!

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. Just when you think it’s safe to turn your attention away from the Mets they go ahead and actually win a game on the road. Yesterday they beat the Cardinals by producing some runs to back a solid outing by Pedro Martinez. Does this mean they’re […]

Same Old Jets

Football season starts at the perfect time of year to take my mind off of whatever depressing situation the Mets find temselves in in September. Of course as a Jets fan it just means transferring my frustrations from one team to another. This year was no different. I sat down to watch the Jets play […]

Metscentric: Mets Trade for Staub in ’72

Metscentric has a nice post about the original trade that brought Rusty Staub to the Mets in 1972. I thought it was worth pointing out to the many Staub fans out there.

Willie’s Take on Looper

Willie Randolph went on the defensive yesterday about Braden Looper‘s status on the team. Here’s what Randolph responded to the question of if he would use someone else as the closer. At this point in the season, no. He’s my closer. He’s been my closer. He’s got the most saves of anybody on my team. […]

Parting Shot at Lloyd McClendon

I didn’t have time to gloat about this when it happened last week but Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon is no former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon. Regular readers may remember my criticism of McClendon in the wake of the latest chapter of his war of words with former Pirate and current Met pitcher Kris Benson. The […]

Quote of the Day

We should have won the game. I stunk it up. – Mets closer Braden Looper after giving away last night’s game against the Braves. In addition to whatever else we’re calling Looper these days we can add ‘Mr. Obvious’ to the arsenal.

Congratulations, Kid!

Congratulation to rookie Gulf Coast League Mets Manager (and former Mets hero) Gary Carter on being named the GCL’s Manager of the Year. Carter guided his rookie league team a 37-16 record and an Eastern Division title.