Looper’s Blown Season

I am so inseced by the news about Braden Looper‘s shoulder that I don’t even know where to begin. Looper was hurt even before the season began. He was told he needed surgery that would cause him to miss the early part of the season. The other option was to play through it because the doctors said it will not get any worse with wear. Looper chose to play since the Mets bullpen was unsettled at the time and he would add so legitimacy (ha!) to it. Let’s forget the fact that he sucked through the first few weeks of the season. I’d rather lose Looper the first month of the season and have him back 100% healthy down the stretch run (another part of this season during which he sucked) thank have him pitch in pain with a bad shoulder the whole season. Yet another blown save for Looper this year.

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You moron! Do you think it was Loopers choice to play or the Mets? Why dont you get a clue.

Actually it was a combination of the two. If it was soley the Mets choice then you’d be hearing alot of talk about a grievance being filed by the players union. Did the Mets push him to play? Probably. But the bottom line is that a man doesn’t have to do anything if he doesn’t want to. Especially if he has the backing of the strongest union in the country. So if he indeed played in a situation where he felt his health should have been a higher priority because the team pushed him to do it then he’s guilty of something else too: no backbone. That’s a great quality for a closer, don’t you think?

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