Anderson Hernández Can Wait

Much has been said in the Mets blogsphere about the team not giving a September callup to minor league second baseman Anderson Hernandez. Most of it criticizes management for not making the call especially now that AAA Norfolk’s season is officially over. I, on the other hand, agree with the decision to not call him up. And the reason why I agree can be summed up in one name: Kazuo Matsui

Matsui is currently on the hottest streak of his Mets career. Right now you’re seeing him play his best ball. His average is up to .256 and has climbed 34 points since August 23 (16 games). You don’t want to interupt that for one of two reasons. Either (a) he’s finally getting his MLB legs and you don’t want to interupt the learning process or (b) you want to inflate his numbers to maximize his trade value. If the answer is the former then you will see him start at second base the rest of the season. If it’s the latter then you can exppect to see him replaced by Miguel Cairo as soon as the streak is over. At that point you could see Hernandez called up too. I honestly think it’s the latter but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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[…] One day after I wrote about not promoting Anderson Hernández the Mets go ahead and promote him. As if adding insult to injury (that is, the injury to my ego) Willie Randolph inserts Hernández in the starting lineup on Sunday in place of Kazuo Matsui. It doesn’t bother me that they did that it just seems contradictory to the way they were approaching the Hernández situation the last couple of weeks. Oh well. Technorati tags: kazuo matsui, mets in the news, willie randolph, anderson hernández […]

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