Take That, Lloyd McClendon!

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Earlier this season there was a minor war of words between Kris Benson and his former manager with the Pirates, Lloyd McClendon. The gist of it was Benson saying how he’s learned much more about pitching under Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson in less than a year with the Mets than he did in five years with Pittsburgh and McClendon replying that Benson didn’t have what it takes to be a top notch pitcher.

Benson has pitched pretty well for the Mets this year and put an exclamation point on it by throwing a very good game last night (7 IP, 7 H, 2 ER) as the Mets beat the Pirates 6-2. Though this wasn’t a playoff game and didn’t prove that Benson has ‘the heart of a lion’ that McClendon claims he’s missing, it did make a statement. That statement was “Shut up, Lloyd!”.

McClendon was a marginal player at best (originally drafted by the Mets in 1980, by the way) batting .244 with 35 home runs and 154 RBIs in 570 Major League games. He’s been a marginal manager too with a record of 332-433 for a .435 winning percentage. With numbers like that McClendon is hardly in a position to be throwing stones at his former pitcher who, for whatever reason, couldn’t get the job done on his watch. Maybe McClendon needs to look inward and learn what he could do to be a better manager before he starts criticizing his former players for under achieving while they played for him.

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