The Post Rubs It In Williams’ Face

Although I quoted from the New York Times in yesterday’s game comments in reference to people blaming Gerald Williams for losing the no-hotter for Pedro Martinez it seems like the New York Post has decided to get in on the action. In this morning’s paper the Post features a picture of Williams saving Dwight Gooden’s no-hitter in 1996. The caption reads as follows:

DÉJÀ VU: When Mets center fielder Gerald Williams missed the catch that would have preserved Pedro Martinez’ no-hit bid Sunday, it may have seemed familiar to New York fans. That’s because in May of 1996, Williams (then with the Yankees) made a leaping catch in deepest center field at Yankee Stadium in the first inning of Dwight Gooden’s only no-hitter. Williams turned the catch, off the bat of the Mariners’ Alex Rodriguez, into a double play.

To me this is saying “he did it in ’96, why couldn’t he do it now?”. To make it worse the picture is placed out of context above an article about Carlos Beltran‘s condition. It seems to be there for the sole purpose of rubbing the non-catch in Williams’ face. Not a classy thing.

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