Palmeiro Will Explain “Soon”

The AP ran a story today discussing Rafael Palmeiro‘s timetable for discussing the circumstances that led to his steroid suspension. Though his lawyers have advised him to keep quiet on the issue publicly while Congress investigates the perjury issue, Palmeiro said he expects to discuss it ‘soon’.

If you ask me soon is too late. I can understand not discussing it while an investigation is underway but he should have come clean from day one. OK, maybe not day one since he was busy lying to Congress on that day (allegedly). But he should have come completely clean the day the story broke. Right now he’s waiting for the outcome of the investigation so he can figure out his own way to re-write what has transpired to put his own spin on it. I’m not interested in spin. I’m interested in the greater good. Tell the truth and tell it no so others can learn from your mistakes. Don’t spin it and sugar coat it to better meet your own expectations of yourself or maximize your hall of fame chances.

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