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Trachsel to the Pen?

I said last week that I didn’t think the Mets 6 man rotation would last too long. It seems like it’s going to end sooner than even I thought it would. Several reports have Steve Trachsel moving to the bullpen since the team has scheduled Víctor Zambrano to start Friday in Florida. Very odd timing […]

Where Are All These Runs Coming From?

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. In the last two games the Mets have scored 32 runs. That’s the most runs they have scored since 1990. Pretty cool but I’d gladly trade a few of those runs for 1 or 2 where they would count more. Like the time Pedro Martinez pitched […]

Trachsel Joins Six Man Rotation

Steve Trachsel was activated from the DL yesterday ending what seemed to be an endless rehab assignment. It was also announced that he will be part of a six man rotation getting his first start Friday night between Pedro Martinez and Kris Benson. The six man rotation is not a bad idea this time of […]

Steroids Won’t Stop

I saw an article by the AP this morning that says that MLB commissioner Bud Selig “believes baseball can solve its steroids problem without help from Congress“. I believe that too. Baseball can solve the problem themselves. However I don’t think they will. Why? Because it’s not in their best interests to do so. It’s […]

The Duke of Queens

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. The Mets 5-0 loss to the Pirates last night was sad. It’s bad enough that they lost and hurt their playoff chances but they only managed 3 hits the whole game. In fairness, last night starter for Pittsburgh, Zach Duke, has been tearing up the league […]

Davey Johnson in the News

Former Mets manager Davey Johnson has been named manager of the U.S. baseball team that will compete in next month’s World Cup. Good luck, Davey.

Daily News Joins the Bashing Lloyd McClendon Bandwagon

It looks like I have some company on the bashing Lloyd McClendon bandwagon. Perhaps picking up on yesterday’s Game Comments Ian Begley has an article entitled “Lloyd dead wrong about Wright” in today’s New York Daily News. Here are the first 2 paragraphs of the article: Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon may wish to stop getting […]

Beltran In, Piazza Out

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. As one player returned from an injury another player was forced to take some time off because of one. Carlos Beltran returned to the lineup and went 1 for 2 with 2 walks. But then it was revealed that Mike Piazza will need at least a […]

Take That, Lloyd McClendon!

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. Earlier this season there was a minor war of words between Kris Benson and his former manager with the Pirates, Lloyd McClendon. The gist of it was Benson saying how he’s learned much more about pitching under Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson in less than a […]

Palmeiro Will Explain “Soon”

The AP ran a story today discussing Rafael Palmeiro‘s timetable for discussing the circumstances that led to his steroid suspension. Though his lawyers have advised him to keep quiet on the issue publicly while Congress investigates the perjury issue, Palmeiro said he expects to discuss it ‘soon’. If you ask me soon is too late. […]