Larry Freakin’ Brown

The latest rumors sound a lot more serious and an announcement appears imminent so it’s time I sounded off about the Larry Brown to the Knicks situation. My feelings here are not that complex and can probably be summed up in one word: history.

History as in Pat Riley. When Riley took over the Knicks things almost immediately started going well for the team. They jelled and finally began to win after years of being losers. But when it ended it ended very badly with Riley coming within a inch of negotiating with the Heat against league rules. (Can you say tampering?)

If you look at Larry Brown and his history, both recent and ancient (remember when he was coach of the Nets?), you can see a trend that leads to the distinct possibility, no probability, that history (the Riley scenario) will repeat itself. Brown is one of the top coaches around and will do great for the Knicks. He’ll be a little more challenged here than in Detroit where he inherited a team that was a lot closer to a championship than the team he’s getting here. But I’m pretty sure he can pull it together and actually teach Isiah Thomas a thing or two about being a President/GM in the process. But when it ends, whether it’s 2 years, 4 years or ten years down the line, it’ll end badly. History, both that of Riley and Brown, is our best teacher.

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Larry Brown Is not a man of his word. He always talked about playing the game the way it is sapposed to be played. Maybe he was talking about the money game. I hope larry enjoys himself in New york, But it will be interesting to see what happens when he goes back to Detroit . I dont think hell like it and I suspect it will be a night he will never forget.

I read all the praises Larry Brown bestowed on Charlie Vellanueva, praising him as a rookie. Question: Does anyone think that Vellanueva would of had the same opportunities playing under Larry Brown. Do you really believe that his rookie year would of been so productive. My thoughts Larry wants to be the super star in the suit. Channin Frye as well as the rest of the Knicks rookies could of been further along had it not been for Larry. The guy is killing the team. Pat Riley said it right “the Knicks Cubbard is full”. Don’t tell me 15 guys can’t understand one man. He is killing the team in the press and on the court. Reds and Riles will always be my top 2 coaches to work in New York.

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