Alfonso Soriano

With the production the Mets are getting at second base this year it’s no wonder they’ve come up as a possible landing point for former Yankee and current Texas Rangers second baseman Alfonso Soriano in recent trade rumors. The combination of Kazuo Matsui, Miguel Cairo, Chris Woodward, Marlon Anderson and whoever else the team has put at second base this year hasn’t come anywhere near the numbers that Soriano has put up this year. It’s a natural fit. But for some reason I find myself coming out against such a trade for a couple of reasons.

One reason is Soriano’s consistency, or lack thereof. I don’t have hard numbers to back me up but I’ve been following Soriano off and on this season in Fantasy Baseball leagues and have seen an inconsistency in his performace that has led me to turn down two trades in which I would have gotten Soriano (in two different leagues). The Mets bats have been inconsistent enough and certainly don’t need another inconsistent bat.

The second reason is the price. If Omar Minaya is serious about not just building for 2005 but also keeping 2006 and beyond in mind when he deals then he will not make this trade. The Rangers are likely to demand a package of top prospects and major league ready talent in exchange for Soriano because Soriano was the centerpiece of the Alex Rodriguez trade. Essentially it’ll be like whatever they get for Soriano is what they really get for ARod. And that price is way too expensive for a team that is trying to build itself fore the next several years and not just for today.

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i think the mets should definitley get Alfonso Soriano no matter the cost!!!!!!

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