Beer Leaguer Clowns Around

Jason Weitzel of Beer Leaguer, a blog plugged as “alternative viewpoints on the Philadelphia Phillies, gives a partial analysis of last night’s game from a Phillies perspective. A nice job but what brought me to mention it here was the amusing and perhaps insulting (from a Mets perspective) headline: “Clowns strike first: Mets top Phils”. What do you expect from someone whose recent post headlines include “Brett Myers chin hair report” and “Mr. Lieber, meet Mr. Treadmill”. All kidding aside, Beer Leaguer is a pretty good blog and worth a read to get an idea of what fans of other teams think.

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YES! I succeeded in my rabble-rousing. Good, old-fashioned mud slinging! My boys will try again tonight to send your bums back to stink town!

Seriously, thanks for the link, I’ll update my post with a link to mostlymets. Great blog. I’m jealous of your standings and scoreboard.


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