Podcasting Mets Games?

As a family man I don’t often have a chance to catch more than an inning or two of a game on TV. But as a working man I have a 1-hour commute in each direction during which I catch up on my reading and other miscellaneous things. My commute is my ‘me’ time. So I got to thinking about how I could use my commute as a way to better keep in touch with the games and team that I comment on in my blog. Then I had a great idea.

MSG used to (maybe they still do) air 1 hour long condensed game broadcasts of Knicks games at midnight. What if someone would borrow the same concept and apply it to Mets radio broadcasts? Then take it a step further and make it into an MP3 file so that every morning I could put the condensed game onto my MP3 player and listen to it on the way to work. (The popular term for this is ‘podcasting’. I don’t like the term but that’s a subject for a rant at a later date.) There would obviously be some licensing issues involved in distributing such a broadcast but it’s exactly what I need to be able to keep in closer touch with my team.

What are you’re thoughts on this idea? Do you know of a good way to implement it? Do you have another solution? I’d like to know. Use the comments link below to share your thoughts.

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