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Today’s The Day

I can feel it. I can’t explain it but it just could happen.

Here Comes Rocker

Don’t look now but former Atlanta Braves relief pitcher and ingrate John Rocker is continuing his baseball career on Long Island.

Nothing To Say

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. I don’t have anything to say about yesterday’s game besides that Kazuhisa Ishii didn’t totally suck.

Chuck Meriwether: Big League Ump?

Chuck ‘n’ Duck has a nice montage of Chuck Meriwether anecdotes questioning Meriwether’s fitness to be a Major League level umpire in the wake of his controversial turn behind the plate last night.

Robinson & Healy Getting It Wrong?

Click here for a recap of last night’s game. In the eighth inning of the game Willie Randolph made a double switch that took Doug Mientkiewicz out of the game and inserted pitcher Mike DeJean in his slot in the order while putting Chris Woodward in at first base to bat in the pitcher’s slot […]

Of Selig and Steroids Policies

I found this story on It discusses the MLB steroid policy and quotes commissioner Bud Selig as saying the policy is working. I beg to differ. One major leaguer and 38 minor leaguers have been suspended as a result of testing. This shows, perhaps, that the testing is working but that has nothing to […]

Dumbest Headline of the Day

A story on discusses yesterday’s game. It is headlined “Mets’ pen needs work“. Really? I didn’t know that. Thanks for the update.

Orioles Still Interested in Cameron

The Washington Post reports today about the Orioles search for a solution in centerfield. Here’s an excerpt: “Despite Luis Matos’ quick start Monday — a two-run home run in a 4-0 win against the Athletics — the Orioles continue to search for a long-term solution in center field. Though they were rebuffed during spring training […]

Quote of the Day

I’ve definitely given up my share of whatever you want to call it. But on opening day, it stinks. – Braden Looper on his opening day meltdown against the Reds.

Mets Thrown for a Loop-er

The Mets played a very good game yesterday. The bullet points are as follows: Pedro Martinez was shaky for the first few batters but then settled down and had a great outing the rest of the way. Carlos Beltran showed us why he’s making the big bucks by hitting a homer in his Mets debut. […]