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Quote of the Day

“Everybody likes to see him play. But there must be some things going on there that we don’t know about.” – Mets manager Willie Randolph when asked about Barry Bonds injury. Maybe Willie knows something the rest of us don’t?

Bonds Rage

A frustrated and melancholy Barry Bonds announced to the media yesterday that the rehab from his latest knee surgery could possibly keep him out for all of the 2005 MLB season. The following are some quotes from his address: “You guys wanted to hurt me bad enough, you finally got me.” “You wanted me to […]

Blog Improvements

I’ve made a few edits to the sidebar to make the blog a bit mor user friendly. The changes are as follows: Added a recent posts list. Changed the Categories list to be a drop down menu. Added a calendar feature to the Archives section. Changed the name of the Blogroll section to Links. Moved […]

Quote of the Day

You don’t get points for touching first base. – Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson when asked about Kazuhisa Ishii‘s habit of walking batters.

Mets Want Urbina

According to Ken Rosenthal on that the Mets are hoping to acquire Ugueth Urbina from the Tigers. The sticking point is regarding Urbina‘s salary. Rosenthal, you may remember, broke the Phillips-Ishii story late last week.

Suspension Only Steroid Policy

Last week MLBs drug testing policy came under extreme scrutiny on Capitol Hill. The plan called for a 10-day suspension or up to $10,000 fine for a first positive test, a 30-day suspension or up to $25,000 fine for second positive, a 60-day suspension or up to $50,000 fine for a third positive and a […]

Quote of the Day

Strikes. – Los Angeles Dodgers pitching coach Jim Colborn when asked what pitch former Dodger pitcher Kazuhisa Ishii has the most trouble with.

Ishii On The Way

The trigger has finally been pulled on the much talked about Jason Phillips for Kazuhisa Ishii deal. I said previously that I don’t think Ishii is a significant enough improvement over Matt Ginter to make this deal a good one but my feelings have changed ever so slightly. Though Ishii will be frustrating to watch […]

Albom on Steroids in Baseball

Mitch Albom had a great column in yesterday’s Detroit Free Press in which he compares a players obligation to be weighed with their opposition to be tested for steroids. Very well done.

Spread Firefox

This weeks interesting non-Mets related link is the Spread Firefox Blog.