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Perez Signs With Dodgers

For all those who were wishing the Mets would sign Odalis Perez it’s time to stop wishing. The AP is reporting that Perez signed with the Dodgers.

It Aint’ Over ‘Til It’s Over

Everyone is making a big deal over the Mets offer to Carlos Beltran. While I agree that it’s very encouraging to see the Wilpons take such an aggressive step I believe it’s way too early to celebrate (as many fans are doing already). Even if the offer is as good as people say and makes […]

Good News for Mets Fans!

Various sources are reporting that the Yankees have pulled out of the Carlos Beltran sweepstakes. Apparently the acquisition of Randy Johnson (reportedly approved by Bud Selig last night) has tapped out boss Steinbrenner. That leaves the Mets and Houston as the current contenders. With the Yankees out of the picture I expect other possible suitors […]