Cameron Accepts Right Field

On their way to the Dominican Republic a group of Mets officials stopped in Atlanta to meet with Mike Cameron. After the meeting all sides were saying the right thing. The basic gist is that Cameron will play right field because it’s for the best of the team.

While it’s good news that Cameron’s fallen in line and accepted to make the move that he himself had offered to make I’m still a little wary of the situation and am not as convinced as others are that this calls off the possibility of trading him. I know Cameron’s a professional but it’s obvious that this isn’t the position he wants to play. Comments like “Imagine somebody coming in and telling you to do something different than you’ve always done” and “I’ll always view myself as a center fielder” don’t show a healthy attitude toward the move and are signs that this isn’t the end of the discussion here.

I stand by what I’ve said previously. A man playing a position he doesn’t really want to play and whose role has been degraded in the offense (especially if the Mets end up signing Carlos Delgado) could lead to bad things.

A quick note on the Delgado front: Mets brass will meet with Delgado on Thursday in Puerto Rico. Don’t expect him to sign anywhere before the weekend.


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