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Several media outlets are reporting that Carlos Delgado has narrowed his choices down to 4 teams: the Mets, Marlins, Orioles and Rangers. The source for this information is Delgado’s agent, David Sloane. It’s nice that the Mets are among his choices but I’m trying to figure out how this is news. The same reporters who spit back this information have been reporting for weeks that these were the only teams interested in signing him. I can understand Sloane making information like this public in an effort to start a bidding war between the teams involved but why is it being reported? There’s nothing new there. Find something real to report on and get back to us later.

In other news, the Mike Cameron saga continues. The last time I wrote about Cameron I was criticizing him for waiting so long to get surgery on his ailing left wrist which was injured in the second to last game of the season. I was quite vehement about it because I hate it when injuries don’t get treated properly as early in the off season as possible because that leads to unnecessary missed games early in the following season. Then last week Cameron reportedly reneged on his offer to move from centerfield to right field after Carlos Beltran was signed. This development has sparked rumors of a trade to Oakland in exchange for Eric Byrnes. Byrnes had been a rumored acquisition to fill in for Cameron in center while the surgery kept Cameron out for the first month or so of the season but has since become the central figure in an exchange for Cameron.

There’s been a lot of discussion in the media and on the blogs about whether or not the Mets should make such a deal. Most people (especially bloggers) would go into a long drawn out statistical analysis to support their opinions but you know that I don’t depend on obscure stats, just basic numbers together with my own knowledge and instincts. These tools tell me that now’s the right time to trade Cameron.

With Beltran aboard, David Wright coming in at the start of the season and a healthy Jose Reyes, Cameron’s role in the offense will be minimized (especially if Delgado ends up signing). He’ll be dropped down in the order and will not be happy about it. The last thing you want on your team when you’re trying to get things going in the right direction is a guy pouting because he’s not playing the position he wants and he’s not batting in the right spot in the order.

At age 32 and coming off a career high 30 HR year Cameron’s got nowhere to go but down. His value is as high as it will ever be so you may as well get as much as you can for him before it’s too late. If Oakland wants him then you do your best to work out a deal.

Don’t get me wrong as far as Cameron goes. Despite my recent knocks on him I think he’s a great ballplayer. I just think the time is right for a move.

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