On Time

It looks like my warning about not celebrating the Carlos Beltran signing before it’s a done deal came at the right time. Various media outlets are reporting that Beltran’s agent, Scott Boras, is claiming that 5 teams have put in offers that meet his opening criteria. Is Boras bluffing? Probably. But if he’s saying 5 then there’s probably 3. And if he’s saying they all made $110 million offers then probably only one of them have done that and the others have come in within the ballpark of that figure. By all accounts the Mets seem to be the frontrunner right now as far as contract goes. But this deal is not done yet.

In other new, there was a story out yesterday that said Pedro Martinez plans on reporting to camp when it opens. Maybe it’s just me but isn’t that what he’s paid to do? Why exactly is a story like that newsworthy? If you have an explanation please leave a comment.


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