The Wright Move?

David Wright will make his Major League debut tonight for the Mets against the Expos.  This comes in the wake of Mike Piazza‘s wrist injury but I hope that wasn’t the reason for the call up.  I’d like to think that this was a planned date based on the schedule and level of competition and how Wright was progressing at AAA.  I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that they’re bringing him in between Florida and Atlanta for a series against the Expos.  The idea being to bring him in against lower level competition at home to break him in easy.

Ty Wigginton will be moved to first base until Piazza is ready to return and then he’ll be relegated to the bench or traded.  He’d probably go straight to the bench in favor of Todd Zeile at first base were it not for the fact that they’ve been trying to trade him. 

Anyway, the move brings up a big question.  How exactly will the roster be managed in the meantime?  I mean if Piazza is not put on the DL (which is what it looks like right now) then someone will need to be sent down or designated for assignment.  With Karim Garcia already having been traded Wright cannot take his roster spot (it’s already been taken by Mike DeJean).  How about Jason Phillips?  Considering how he’s been hitting this year he would be a logical choice but then you could get caught short at catcher if something should happen to Vance Wilson while Piazza is hurt.  So who goes?  I don’t know.  It’ll be interesting to see what Duquette and company decide to do.

Regardless of how the roster shuffling end up the reality is that Wright is finally here so I’ll end this post with a word of caution.  David Wright is here to learn how to play at the Major League level.  Although he has done very well at all levels of professional baseball before today you can’t put too much pressure on him.  Don’t over analyze every move.  Don’t second guess every mistake.  Don’t put him under too strong a microscope.  Otherwise we could end up with another Gregg jeffries on our hands.


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