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Archive for June, 2004

Temporary Relocation

Due to a change made by my web provider I can no longer update my blog to my domain through Blogger. I’ve relocated the blog to Blogspot (click here to go to current blog) on what I hope is a temporary basis. This is not the first time I’ve had a problem with my web […]

Additional Information on Relocation

If you track this blog through RSS or Atom then you will need to update your RSS subscriptions in order to account for the new location. (Old subscriptions will not update since they are pointing to a location that will no longer be updated.) Please use the RSS and Atom icons in the left sidebar […]

Please Forgive Me

In a post last week I erroneously reported that the Mets were contractually obligated to make a decision on Scott Erickson‘s status with the team after his latest rehab start. I have since learned that this contractual obligation is not until June 28. This will allow Erickson to get one or two more starts before […]

Reyes Returning?

Sources are reporting that Jose Reyes may be in a Mets uniform as early as this weekend. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Every time we’ve heard that Reyes has been close to returning something bad has happened. Let’s hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Of Walling and Hitting Coaches

The firing of hitting coach Denny Walling yesterday was quite unfortunate. It’s sad when good people get fired but at the same time the numbers don’t lie. The Mets hitters are toward the bottom of almost every statistical category as a team most glaringly their .102 average with the bases loaded. I’m not much of […]

Nothing To Write

I have absolutely nothing to write today. Other Mets blogs are running pieces on David Wright’s first game at AAA Norfolk, Jose Reyes & Scott Erickson rehabs and trade rumors. I’ve got nothing to say about any of that stuff today. Enjoy your day.

I’m A Bad Fan

Call me a bad fan but I did not see or hear anything about this weekends games until this morning. Truth is that outside of some more solid pitching from Tom Glavine yesterday I didn’t miss anything. David Wright has been promoted to AAA Norfolk. I’d say that translates into a late July or early […]

Peter Vescey on Larry Bird’s Comments

In today’s New York Post Peter Vescey discusses Larry Bird’s comments about the need for more white stars in the NBA. Vescey calls Bird’s thoughts racist. He goes on to talk about how the color of a teams star(s) doesn’t affect ticket sales but the quality of the team does. While I agree with that […]

Quick Hits

Matt Ginter had another good outing yesterday even though he was no decisioned and the Mets lost the game. Ginter has pitched so well that the Mets will not make any decision on Scott Erickson until after his next rehab start and then only because they are contractually obligated to do so. At that point […]

Taking Heat For Yesterday’s Post

I’m taking a bit of heat (via email and blog comments) for my critique of Ty Wigginton yesterday. At least one person thought I was criticizing Jason Phillips for his throw to the plate too but I was not. I also was not making excuses for Kaz Matsui whose defense has been abysmal to say […]