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How(e)’d He Do That?

Not much to say today. I just didn’t want to let a long weekend pass without saying anything. The Mets blew all 3 games to the Marlins this weekend. In the first 2 the offense disappeared. A questionable call by Art Howe blew the third. For those who missed it yesterday, Art Howe kept lefty […]

Today’s Thoughts

I’ve been away from my computer the last couple of days and will be away again the next few days. I didn’t want to be away from the blog for a week so I figured I’d post something today. The Mets split a 2 game series with the Phillies this week winning the first game […]

Upcoming Schedule

A lot is being said in the press (both mainstream and blogs) about the upcoming 12 games in which the Mets play the Phillies and Marlins. While these games are very important I don’t agree that they are “make it or break it” games. The important things to look for in this tough stretch of […]

Vidro Update

I managed to dump Jose Vidro from 2 of the 3 teams on which I had him. (I have 4 teams total.) In one of the leagues I replaced him with Ronnie Belliard and in the other I replaced him with Juan Uribe. I’m undecided about what to do in the third league because there […]

Howe Reading My Mind?

Today’s New York Post, as well as other publications, reports that Mike Cameron will spend some time on the bench and as a defensive replacement. Looks like Art Howe read what I wrote yesterday. Andrew Marchand appears to do his best to stir things up in this article by saying that Cameron and Howe don’t […]

The Jose Vidro Question

I have Jose Vidro on 3 of my 4 fantasy baseball teams. I’ve been holding on to him in the hopes that he will regain his form as a .300 hitter who can knock out 15 or so homers and score 80-100 runs. But now I think the time has come to give up and […]

.500 At Last

Tom Glavine pitches a complete game 1 hitter (while walking 1 and striking out 8 ). Kaz Matsui and Cliff Floyd belt first inning home runs. The Mets complete a 3 game sweep of the Rockies and find their record even at 22-22. Congratulations, guys. Now let’s see what you do with the next 118 […]

A Couple of Thoughts

The Mets need for more starting pitching is becoming more and more apparent everyday. With Al Leiter on the DL, Tyler Yates suffering another bad outing yesterday and Matt Ginter showing a performance that is probably more indicative of the type of pitcher he is than he did in his debut against the Astros last […]

Darn Virus!

In the last week I have gotten several emails from the same address (which I will not print here) that is infected with the Beagle virus. (For those not familiar with this virus you can find more information here.) I’m not worried about being infected because I keep my virus definitions up to date and […]

Place Your Bets!

The Mets open a three game set against the Rockies tonight and the following question begs to be asked:Who is going to hit a homer first – Mike Piazza or Jeromy Burnitz?