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Groundhog Day

Another weekend, another three game sweep (on the losing end). I’m beginning to feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Same story different day. Good starting pitching, a bullpen that seems to be holding it’s own, decent (but occasionally balky) defense & lousy hitting. If not for the DL there’d be nothing new to talk […]

Wigginton Has Ulcer

The AP is reporting that Ty Wigginton has been diagnosed with an ulcer. He’ll be released from the hospital this weekend and will play in some rehab games while on the DL.

NY Post’s Andrew Marchand Getting Feisty

NY Post reporter Andrew Marchand is getting a bit feisty in his Mets reports. In today’s recap article of yesterday’s game he said the following of Steve Trachsel’s game:“Trachsel was aided by an Expos lineup that features such hitting luminaries as Matt Cepicky, Ron Calloway and Terrmel Sledge. Montreal has scored a grand total of […]

Met’s Almost Blow Split In Series With Expos

The Mets almost blew yesterday’s game with 2 errors in the 9th but Braden Looper managed to hold it together and save the game. Steve Trachsel had a good outing allowing 8 hits, 1 walk and 1 earned run in 8 innings. Mike Piazza hit 2 doubles and knocked in 2 runs and Mike Cameron […]

Mets Win!

Not only did they win but they scored 3 runs too. That’s not a lot of runs but with an offense as bad as the Mets offense has been lately it’s still cause for celebration. With 2 errors in the 9th inning it looked as though they would blow it but when it was all […]

Mets Finally Hit With Runner In Scoring Position

It’s as if they read my last post. Shane Spencer was hit by a pitch for the second time in the game. Mike Piazza hit a double to move Spencer to third. Jason Phillips hit a single to score Spencer. It’s just one run but they did a couple of things right to score it. […]

Mets Can’t Score in 1st

The Mets were gift wrapped a first inning scoring situation today and messed it up big time. Kaz Matsui reached first on a throwing error by Expos third baseman Tony Batista. Karim Garcia walked, moving Matsui to second. Then Shane Spencer was hit by a John Patterson pitch to load up the bases with no […]

Ty Wigginton Taken To Hospital

Ty Wigginton has been taken to the hospital after fainting at home. He’s probably headed for the DL. Time to put baseball aside for a second and wish Ty a speedy recovery.

More Bad Offense

The Mets lost to the Expos 2-1 last night. Where have I heard that before? You can take what I said yesterday about the importance of not wasting good performances and substitute Tom Glavine instead of Al Leiter. A Mike Cameron error lead to the winning (unearned) run. So much for defense up the middle. […]

Stanton Keeping Batista On Base

Why was Mike Stanton being so careful about keeping Tony Batista so close to first in the 8th inning? Especially with 2 outs? The guy has never had more than 7 stolen bases in a season (his career high of 7 came in his rookie year of 1996). He has stolen only 33 bases in […]