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Blog Is Now On My Domain

I got the blog up on my own domain!

Ugueth Urbina Signs With The Detroit Tigers

Free agent relief pitcher Ugueth Urbina signed with the Detroit Tigers today. What took so long? So many teams were looking for closers in the off season (including my Mets) and it took Urbina this long to sign? I don’t get it.

Hosting My Blogger?

If anyone out there knows how I can host my Blogger blog on my own website please let me know.

Getting in Tune

I’m playing with some Blogger settings to see what they do and think I’ve settled on a template and options that I like. I turned on the Atom support but I’m still looking for an RSS solution. I’m not very happy with the options that I’ve seen. If anyone has any ideas on this please […]

Welcome To My Blog

I created this blog to publish my rants and random thoughts about anything that comes to mind. Why? I don’t know. I just felt like doing it.