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Yankees Win

The Yankees won this morning. So much for an 0-162 season. At least the Devil Rays can say they were the only undefeated team in baseball for 1 day.

Baseball Schedules For Palm Desktop (And Other PIMS)

I have finally completed releasing my 2004 Major League Baseball schedules for Palm Desktop. The schedules import into Palm Desktop only but paid customers can request vCal versions. The vCal versions will import into Outlook and most other PIMs that are compatible with the vCal format. See my Palm website for more information.

Devil Rays vs. Yankees in Japan

I turned on the TV at about 7 AM this morning (eastern time) to see that the Devil Rays and Yankees were already in the 6th inning of their game. The Devil Rays were leading 5-3. As a New Yorker I am in the Yankees market (even though I’m a Mets fan) and you’d figure […]

MLB Opening In Japan

The Major League Baseball season opens in Japan with the New York Yankees opening a 2 game set with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I hate when they open the season with games in Japan. It makes no sense beyond the international marketing angle. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any problems with the […]

Mets Trade For Gutierrez

The Mets acquired infielder Ricky Gutierrez from the Cleveland Indians yesterday to serve as an experienced backup in case the Jose Reyes/Kaz Matsui experiment goes awry. Not a bad idea considering both were hurt in spring training with Reyes still not back from a hamstring injury. I’m a little jaded about Reyes durability right now […]

Mets Trade Timo Perez

The Mets traded Timo Perez to the White Sox for RHP Matt Ginter. The Mets outfield needs as much help as it can get but the time was right to trade Perez. I would rather them have traded Roger Cedeno but Cedeno’s contract is prohibitive. As for Perez he hasn’t done much since 2000 when […]

I Now Have A Comments Feature

I have added a comments feature to the blog so if anyone is reading this and would like to respond then please feel free. Now if only I could figure out what I want to write in this thing I’d be set.

No More Errors! (For now anyway)

It took some fooling around but I finally got the 004 errors to stop. Blogger support said it was a problem with my settings. They suggested I change my settings, log out of Blogger, log back into Blogger and try to publish again. I was skeptical of this solution since the same settings were working […]

Still getting 004 Errors

I’m still getting those 004 errors. Trying to work it out with Blogger support.

Publishing Problems

I’ve been getting a “004 Not logged in” message when trying to blog to my domain. If anyone knows why this happens please let me know.